Sunny School Trip: Stunt Cars and Flower Gardens!

The children at Guilin International English School had an incredible treat yesterday as they were taken out of school for a full day of activities!

Bright and early everyone was loaded onto a minibus and driven to Yangshuo, a beautiful neighbour town to Guilin.

When they arrived at the destination they watched an incredible stunt car show which had twelve sports cars and three motorbikes jumping over each other, driving on one side of the car and drag racing around an elaborate racetrack!

After the show they ate a tasty lunch and got to meet the stunt drivers, pose by the side of the cars and even sit on the motorbikes!





After the excitement was over they all headed back onto the bus and after a short drive arrived at a beautiful scenic flower garden, with thousands of flowers stretching out for miles through the mountains. They all had a wonderful time and on the bus ride home almost all the children (and even the teachers) were fast asleep from a busy and exciting day.