Sunny School Summer Camp

This August Sunny School opened its doors for the 2015 installment of its annual summer camp. This is a program with which we are very proud of as it gives our students an opportunity to apply what they have learned throughout the previous year to practical, real life situations in a fun and interactive manner. This year saw students participate in activities such as singing, dancing, cooking, athletics, and the arts. We also make a point every year to take our students on an overnight field trip. This year’s trip was to Nanning, the capital of Guangxi province. Our students and faculty had a great time touring museums and visiting popular cultural landmarks while learning more about their native region and its history. We at Sunny School view these field trips as vitally important to our students’ development. While we place a great deal of importance on our in-classroom curriculum, we realize that so much time spent on campus can at times feel restricting to young children who are just beginning to learn and understand the world around them. We feel that it is important for our students to understand that there is a big world outside of our walls and that the knowledge they obtain during their time with us will serve to better equip them to take it on as they move towards the next stage of their development. We are excited to continue these field trips in the future. All in all, our students, their parents, and our faculty all agree that the Sunny School Summer Camp is time well spent; we look forward to welcoming everybody back (along with some new faces) next year as we continue to expand this wonderful program! For more information contact Waylee (