A Special Visit From a YoYo Master!

Last week at Guilin International Sunny School the children of Grade 1,2 and Kindergarten were treated to individual shows by a very talented grandparent of two of our children. At our school we always have the doors open to people who want to help enhance our children’s learning experiences. Esther, an American mother of two at Sunny School was payed a visit by her parents over the course of two weeks. Her father held a very interesting talent; being able to perform a variety of visually interesting Yoyo tricks! Alongside an impressive presentation from our American Sunny School teacher Sarah, Yoyo 爷爷 showed us several famous tricks including ‘walk the dog’, ‘sleeper’ and ‘hop the fence’. Check out a few photos from his performance bellow!

A huge thanks to Esther and her family for putting on such a special event for the children. I’m sure they will remember such a unique experience for a long time and Sunny school are always happy to host more talent and creative projects now and in the future!