Life as a Sunny School Teacher: An Unexpected Outing!

An Unexpected Outing

Being an English teacher at Sunny School has an endless list of percs and through a list of future articles I’ll be explaining just how great it is working for such a modern and welcoming school. One of the most recent benefits has been teachers outings. Last week the head of the faculty took us on a surprise trip to visit the high school just outside of Guilin city centre.

The campus is a beautiful representation of the classic Chinese outdoors and is surrounded by a park featuring dozens of lakes, koi ponds and excellent scenery. We were treated to a private guided tour of the park, campus and best of all, the caves within the school grounds!

It was a great chance to get to know some of the key members of the school and meet some new faces too. After our visit we were presented with a delicious banquet of new chinese foods and flavours with the head mistress of Sunny School. A great end to the day!