Life As a Sunny School Teacher: A Beautiful Trip to Beihai.

Being part of Guilin Sunny School means having access to a winter holiday more than one month long. During this time I had the pleasure of being visited by my parents and friends from England and Sunny School went out of their way to accommodate them both times. For the final week of the holidays I decided to take a trip to the coast. The city of Beihai is just a few hours train journey away from Guilin and just shows how much the surrounding areas have to offer when you’re living in such a unique place.

After spending two days in the city of Beihai my curiosity took me to the island of Weizhou, just a 40 minute ferry away. I spent a very relaxing four days on the island, meeting the locals and practising my Chinese language. Wherever you go in China you are greeted by an array of friendly faces, delicious cuisine and beautiful scenery. I spent most of the time in particular cycling the length of the island a few times over, each time finding my way to a new village, meeting new people and having more unique experiences. I also made sure to take advantage of the islands speciality, being a beautiful variety of freshly caught seafood.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Beihai and Weizhou island and can’t wait to go back again in the near future when it becomes warmer and there is scuba diving more readily available!