International Day

International Day was the culmination of an initiative to broaden our students’ horizons beyond China and the traditional English-speaking countries found in our regular curriculum. This new addition to our international program is a multiple step process aimed towards being fun as well as informative.

The first step of this program was to select five countries and give a special seminar on each one to our students. Guided by the nationalities of our foreign students and led by our English department, the countries selected this year were: The Philippines, The Netherlands, Japan, Italy, and South Korea. The goal of the lecture series was to provide basic information on a variety of topics such as: location, language, food, and customs.

After the seminar each class of our international department was assigned to one country and tasked with doing further research over a period of one week. For the final celebration booths dedicated to each respective country were constructed in the auditorium and attended by representatives of those countries. Our foreign families wore traditional attire as well as displaying and sampling native dishes and cultural relics.

Special thanks are in order to our foreign students and their families for their spirited participation as well as members of our English department for working so hard to put everything together. We look to continue this project next year and select new countries.