International Day at Guilin Sunny School!

Last Friday Guilin Sunny School celebrated its second international celebration day! I was honoured to take part (and took the opportunity to dress up for the children of course)!

This year the school celebrated three areas of the world, celebrating America, the continent of Africa and the Zhuang minority here in China! We were graced with the help of some of the international parents supporting our school. Paulien and her family provided many artefacts and memorabilia from the country Ethiopia, while Ester, Rachael and family helped provided a display for America!

The day was also complimented with various delicious snacks and food from each location! Africa provided us with humuus, couscous and pita bread, while America cooked up some hotdogs, flatbread and popcorn mix! The Chinese teachers at the school rustled up some amazing tofu, mochi and pickled eggs!

The day was opened with a small presentation by some talented children presenters and the foreign teachers reciting some popular phrases and information to do with their countries. The international 3 and 4 grades performed an incredible Hawaiian and tribal dance too!

A huge thanks to all who took part and made the day such a success. Here’s to next year and happy international day!