Guilin Sunny School Halloween Party!

Guilin Sunny School Halloween Party!!

It was a privilege to be able to take part in Sunny School yearly Halloween party! Check out some of the details bellow!


The day started off with an introduction from some faculty members, followed by two spooky dance routines on stage performed by the English teachers and students. All of the children had a great time following the dance movements to Michael Jacksons Thriller!


The next event was a public catwalk of all the different Halloween outfits. I was definitely impressed by the amount of creativity and effort put into all of the children’s outfits! Here’s a taste of just how great these were!



Following this members of the faculty chose different fancy dress winners and gave them some awesome prizes. The day then consisted of various games, activities and lots and lots of candy! Taking pride of place was the amazing pumpkin carving competition and display. I had the chance to carve some pumpkins with my international classes but some of the skill observed in carving was incredible!


All in all I think that the Sunny School International Halloween party and celebration is a great emphasis on the westernised integration happening at the school. When talking to English teacher Clint who has been working at the school since the creation of the party 6 years ago he said it was beautiful to see how far the children, teachers and parents have come over the length of time and how much of a fantastic celebration it is to this day.

Happy halloween everyone!!