Sunny School Field Trip: What job would you like?

Sunny School like to always provide children with the most stimulating education they can. This can easily come in the form of school trips to exciting new places! This month grade 1-6 of our international program got to visit an incredible job learning centre. Here they got to dress up as various different jobs. They could become a chef, archaeologist or even a post man for the day and it was a great gateway into letting them think about what job they might want to do in the future! The jobs included:

Dressing up as a security worker and moving money between stores.

Being a pilot or flight attendant on a model air-plane!

Pretending to be a national guard and rising the Chinese flag.

Working as a security guard and marching across the village.

Sitting in on safety presentations as a firefighter.

And many, many more amazing opportunities!

The day was finished by children being allowed to spend the fake money they had earned all day, really cementing the ideas of why they should have a job and what it means to earn money. We all had a great time at the centre and can’t wait for the next school trip!