Christmas Party

Its that time of year again! As a teacher in England I have celebrated Christmas with many different schools but nothing is quite like the excellent celebration that took part at Guilin International Sunny School this December!


The event, which celebrated Christmas and Chinese New Year had an individual performance on stage by each class from each grade. This included singing, dance numbers and even comedy scenes from some of the teachers! The acts were all individually judged by a panel of Chinese teachers and my own parents! Each performance was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one!


The half time shows between were filled with fun audience games, interactions and plenty of sweets! I even had a fun time dancing on stage too! All of the teachers and children put a great amount of effort into the whole show and I’m sure the parents were very proud of all of their childrens hard work!


Yet another successful and well planned event from Sunny School. I can’t wait to find out what they have in store for next time!